(83 mins, 2015)  
Directed and co-written by Tim McCann
Starring: Sam Trammell, Vanessa Ferlito, Missy Yager




"Tim McCann has made a string of psychological crime dramas that are like hardboiled crime paperbacks by some of your better writers—your Jim Thompsons, your John Franklin Bardins... The movie is shot so beautifully it seems to elevate the story to a level of celestial significance."
Frank Lovece, International Film Journal

"Reminiscent of arty 1960s and '70s films that applied the techniques of literary fiction to pulp thriller material: Point Blank and its unofficial spiritual remake The Limey are especially strong reference points here... Some of its passages are so eerily beautiful that the sordid subject matter becomes ennobled, even sanctified. We seem to be looking at the hero's predicament through the eyes of a compassionate deity... It's rare to see such an evidently low-budget film carrying itself with such aesthetic swagger."     Matt Zoller Seitz,

"Co-writer/director Tim McCann and actor Sam Trammell adroitly juggle the competing realities inside the mind of a slippery crack addict obsessed with returning a pawned necklace to his estranged wife on their impending anniversary... Alan McIntyre Smith shoots steamy Alexandria, Louisiana, in vivid colors as saturated as Trammell's sweat-soaked T-shirt, which adds to the intoxicating feeling of being immersed in Sonny's fractured psyche... Trammell's beautifully unhinged performance offers a compelling vision of a grieving narcissist burrowing into the rabbit hole of his own mind."
Serena Donadoni, The Village Voice

"McCann's film has a certain golden griminess to it; a sweat-stained yellow filter is accented with pops of deep crimson... The twists and turns of this stylish and well-acted thriller bring Sonny to unexpected yet apt conclusions."
Katie Walsh, Los Angeles Times