(84 mins, Color, 2013)  
Written and Directed by Tim McCann
Starring: Mike Simmons, Tabitha Holbert, Chris Kerson, Frank Olivier, Jerome Gales

ANOTHER ZERO IN THE SYSTEM is the story of Earl Coleman, a vigilante ex-con intent on protecting the residents of the crime ridden neighborhood he grew up in, while pursuing vengeance for his late sister. In this day to day fight against poverty and despair, he meets Keisha, who is struggling to raise her son.  But to build a future with her, he must be able to leave behind the cause that has given his life meaning.

ANOTHER ZERO IN THE SYSTEM explores the line between the idealistic fight for justice and a destructive Messianic complex.  Inspired by films like Breathless and The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, this micro-budget production was cast primarily with non-actors and ex-cons from Spring Valley, N.Y., and features extensive improvisation.